Brand Story



I AM Deon John, the founder and owner of I AM FITNESS Apparel brand. I AM from Montreal, Quebec and now reside in Calgary, Alberta. 


I AM FITNESS began in my apartment during the Coronavirus Disease-19 Pandemic. With the world at a stop and the loss of my employment at Air Canada, I had time to reflect on my future and the path I wanted to create for myself. 

Given my background as an online fitness trainer and having owned a previous fashion brand, I began to brainstorm how I can help people excel and reach their goals, No matter your fitness level.

To me, the solution was to have a positive statement on apparel. The I AM FITNESS statement gives you a sense of will power, strength, helping you reach your goals and excel with a positive mindset.


Our vision is to be your preferred fitness apparel brand of choice throughout your fitness journey. To build a community of fitness enthusiasts with positivity and strength, reinforced by our brand's name and affirmation “ I AM FITNESS”. To bring inspiration in every athlete and know that you unknowingly inspired others.

We believe that wearing a brand that understands what you are going through, helps.

We strive to use the best quality fabrics for our apparel, this is why we took our time to source and establish a great partnership with our suppliers, we want you to be comfortable with any type of exercise that you will be performing in, whether it is weightlifting, yoga, running, CrossFit etc. 


Our mission is to help you gain that extra mental boost. To keep you reminded that you got this, we are with you, and that we have your back. 

YOU are I AM FITNESS. You are here for you. You are competing against yourself. To become better each and every day. To excel not only physically but mentally.

So when you choose to wear our apparel, you choose to elevate to new levels. You choose a mindset of determination and focus. And you choose to be I AM FITNESS.

We are a brand with a statement to inspire you.