Caely Paradis - NPAA Pro Bikini.

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We are proud to Introduce to you one of our I AM FITNESS Athletes, Caely Paradis.

Caely is a proud Mom as well as a recent NPAA Bikini winner and a recipient of her Bikini Pro Card!

She is very happy with her accomplishments and has a great passion for fitness... at the same time, she understands that a healthy mindset is important to have. We are proud to be apart of her journey.

We had the opportunity to ask Caely a few questions about getting into fitness to share with you. 
  • What made you get into fitness and what was your initial goal?

I got into fitness at about 16 years old, at the time it was just for fun. I continued off and on until about 2018 when I hired a coach for the first time. At this point my plan was just do a 12 week program to clean up my unhealthy habits. Fitness became a way for me to better my mental health after suffering a few traumas in my teen years. I then, decided to compete.

  • How has fitness change your mindset in life?

Fitness has completely changed my mindset, it truly showed me that a healthy body is a healthy mind. It has lead my life into such an amazing and positive community. It has been my happy place and my escape from a mind full of thoughts.

  • Are there any projects that you are working on right now?

I am currently taking my coaching and nutrition courses because I would love everyone to feel what an amazing impact this industry has. Mental health is so important to feel good and if I can help even one person build a better lifestyle and ease their traumas, I would feel so blessed.

  • What is your go to fitness apparel item?

You can always find me in the gym in some super soft leggings and a sports bra. I heard there's an amazing brand called " I AM FITNESS" that has incredible softness and cute style!  :)

  • What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is anything glute! I mean who doesn't love a nice peach, right? Honestly, I love all exercise because I love how it makes me feel, and that, is why I love fitness.

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