The New YOU Transformation

Welcome to the New YOU Transformation!                  

The New YOU Transformation is a class with WNBF CANADA. WNBF CANADA is a drug- free federation for athletes to compete on a level playing field.

Their goal is to provide an opportunity for those who have gone through inspirational journeys, in transforming their bodies and lives but are not comfortable to step on stage in a posing suit but by showcasing it on stage in athletic wear.

This is a class for those who have lost tremendous amounts of weight, have made healthy habits a priority, reversed obesity related disease, come off prescription drugs etc. and are genuinely proud of this.

As a sponsored brand for this class, we are very excited to be a part of your fitness journey and seeing your transformation. Fitness is a lifestyle and once chosen, it rewards you with a great feeling, a community that understands you, and makes you reach great heights that you have never imagined. 

I AM FITNESS is about inspiration, implementing a positive fitness mindset and enjoying the fitness journey. We know how hard it can be to stay focused on your goal and as a brand, we want to be your motivational factor as you wear the brand. 

If you are thinking to join the many others who, just like you, who have chosen to transform their health, click the link to register for the New YOU class or speak with your trainer to attend a workshop. 

We also provide a 20%discount on all of our I AM FITNESS products to all WNBF members... and YES, that even includes you if you are just thinking of transforming😀. Go ahead, Use code:WNBF20 at checkout. 



 WNBF CANADA Registration. Click here.

For a more in-depth experience of these athletes, we invite you to our Youtube channel - Body Trans4ormation.

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