Kalie Morberg - Drillcrew & Outriders Head Coach

I would like to introduce you to Kalie Morberg.  Kalie is a hard worker who puts in a lot of time in the Calgary community coaching not one, but two professional sports teams. She loves to stay active and give back at the same time. Enjoy!
My name is Kalie Morberg. I am the head coach of the Roughnecks Drill Crew Dance team and the co-director of the Calgary Stampeders Outriders. I was a dancer for both teams throughout my twenties and am so blessed to be able to extend my journey with the teams as a coach and choreographer.
I began dancing at just three years old. By the age of six I was training multiple times a week and was dancing competitively. Staying active through dance has always been a huge priority for me. Once I graduated from my dance studio here in Calgary and was no longer training 5-7 times a week, I knew I needed something to fill my time. This is when I got serious about weight training. I was amazed at how my dancing improved once I started lifting weights. I could jump and kick higher, turn longer and was able to add so much for power to my movements. Now as a coach, I encourage all of my dancers to include weight training as part of their fitness and wellness routine. 
When I'm not coaching, I enjoy skiing and going for long walks around our beautiful city. We are so lucky to live in a city with so many fitness options and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

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