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Boxing Canadian Champion fitness Mental health trainer

I will like to introduce to you Stephanie Hamel. Stephanie is a Fitness/Boxing trainer who resides in Montreal. She is a former Canadian Boxing Champion, owns her gym for the past 12 years and brings a lot of knowledge to the fitness industry...especially in Boxing.  We would like to welcome Stephanie to the team!


What made you get into being a Fitness Trainer?

I decided to change my career from Computer IT to a massotherapist followed to fitness trainer because I wanted to channel my passion to others. I love to teach boxing techniques and make a difference into people's life. Not only physically but mentally. A big percentage of my client's come to see me to evacuate their daily stress and to feel stronger.

You are a 2007 Canadian Boxing Champion, are there any exercises that you brought over for your clients to use?

Yes, teaching real boxing technique is what I enjoy the most. Offence and defence. It is not easy to learn the real boxing techniques, it is easy to hit a bag, but knowing what to do is a big difference. Until a few years ago, I had a few kids fighting and it felt the same or I would say even more stressful to bring them into the ring for competition.

What is your favorite Fitness Exercise?

Definitely push-ups! They make me feel stronger.

What can clients expect from Studio_BFIT MTL?

Leaving the studio feeling stronger, both mentally and physically. I want them to leave in a good mood and feel that it was an hour worth spending.

Are there any future plans that you are working on?

Yes, I'm actually looking into getting a much bigger studio to be able to offer more classes and expand the community I've built for the past 12 years. I love all of my clients, a lot of them feel like family. I will stay in the same hood but I think it's time I build my dream gym, but I will keep the details to myself for now.

What advice would you give to a young girl thinking about getting into boxing?

Go for it !  Don't think of street fighting ( I'm saying this because I heard it sooo many times) "yes I've fought before...yeah, on the streets." Boxing is a discipline. You have to put all of your heart and mind into it. You have to be in the gym everyday and work your a.. off. Be patient and you'll get to where you want to be. It's a long process but worth the journey.

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