April Article - April Showers Bring May Flowers!

 You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers!” So take a minute and enjoy the weather anyway you like. But when you aren’t singing in the rain or jumping in puddles take a min and try some of these fun activities with your littles. 


Across the pond is a great individual activity that works on balance and coordination. Feel free to modify and make it a team cooperative activity as well!


The goldfish song is one of my husbands favourites to lead. This funny action song gets you swimming, laying down, standing up and we even sneak in a balance and core exercise in the mix! Feel free to change directions during the swimming bits trying forward, backwards and even sideways “swimming”. Don’t worry, it’s doesn’t need to make sense it’s all part of the fun. 


Across the pond

The goldfish song


And if you take the plunge or dip your toes into any of these activities, leave us a comment or like and share our posts on Instagram!  @jriamfitness

 Written by - Dallas Wing


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