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Hip hip hurray let’s hear it for Father’s Day! With that in mind, I have to take a moment to say how incredibly proud I am of my husband for stepping out of his comfort zone working in finance to be an amazing role model for all of these kids. This month I want to showcase a few of my husbands favorite activities.


I am a robot is by far one of my favorites to watch Darren lead. This is a great fun action song the gets you moving AND helps with developing “working memory” and important executive function skill! I also love his robot dance ❤️


Stand up, sit down! Is a newer song we added this year and it has become a hit in our Dayhome. This song is also great for executive function development because it requires a great deal of attention to the directions of the song, and perseverance to keep going even if you make a mistake and sit down too early! 


Musical chairs this way is such a fun way to introduce it to young children! We love the “stop, look around, if you don’t find a chair that’s ok!” We love that line as it reinforces that failure is ok, it’s not the end of the world and you can always try again next time! 

The greatest moment of good sportsmanship was when we watched the last 2 kids go for the win. The child who didn’t get the chair gave the other one a high five and said “great game!”



I am a robot

Stand up, sit down

Musical chairs


If you try out these activities, let us know! Tell us what you liked about it, and tag us in a video of you being super role model to your kiddos! 


~ Written by Dallas Wing


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