May Article - Dandelions Song.

Ahhh May, what can I say. It’s one of May favourite months! As a mom, I happily receive dandelions bouquets from my girls as we spend more time outside in the sun. Your littles are like little dandelions too! Teach them to be strong and resilient by trying new things. Here are a few new activities to try this month!

The Dandelion song is one of our favourites to dance to. Feel free to follow along with my movements, or move in a way that feels good to you! I like to add elements of dance to encourage active flexibility, balance, and coordination. 
Picking flowers activity! We like to challenge kiddos with this strength and balance work that doesn’t feel like work! Grab some dollar store flowers, draw some pictures, or use something multi-purpose like beanbags. Place them in a line or scattered pattern and have the kids squat down and pretend to pick up a flower, run walk or skip to the next one and pick up another! Encourage their imagination by asking “what color are they?” Or practice numbers by counting how many they can pick up! This can be an activity on its own or part of a larger circuit.
Dandelion dance
Picking flowers!
Pick one of these, or search through our library of activities for kiddos on our Instagram! And if you do try some of these out, let us know! Tell us about your experience in the comment section below. 
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- Written by Dallas Wing

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