Kodi Flechl - 2024 WNBF KELOWNA - New You Transformation Athlete

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I would like to introduce you to Kodi Flechl. Kodi's story is about age is just a number. In his mid-life, Kodi is feeling healthier than ever, and has taken to the stage in an amazing transformation, and his story tells you why. 
Enjoy Kodi' Story. 
In December of 2022, I was 55 years old I weighed 228 lbs and I thought that I was in decent shape. Then  I started to notice that several of my peers were having serious health issues like heart attacks. About the same time I was following my sister on Instagram, #candacechisolm , she had just gone through some trauma and has lyme disease but had lost 80 lbs and was doing great. That was the kick start I needed...I started working out with my 3 boys and hired a personal trainer #masterpiecefitness and I fell in love with how great I felt. I am almost 57 years old now and in the best shape I have been in for over 20 years. I took the course for becoming a personal trainer and now look forward to making that my last  career change. #graysteelfitness.
I now weigh 183 lbs...45 pounds lighter than I started and I have more energy. I signed up for the New You category at the WNBF Kelowna which you sponsored because it is my wish that everyone in their mid life should do what I did and I if I can inspire just one person to make the same journey its worth it. 

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