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Athlete Transformation competitor WNBF

Allow me to introduce to you, Mark Jordan. Mark was recently a WNBF New YOU Transformation competitor in Calgary. Over the years he became sedentary and did not like the way he felt or had seen himself. He changed his mindset and hired a fitness trainer and began working out more frequently and now makes working out a priority. 


  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from and when did you begin to work out?
I was generally active for most of my early life, growing up here in Calgary. After I finished school I did keep up some fitness by biking and running a lot, but over time I slowed down, stopped, and became sedentary. I started working out seriously about a year and a half ago when I joined King's Fitness and Leo introduced me to Nathaniel Agoye, who is now my personal trainer and friend.
  • How much time did you put into the gym, did you enjoy it?
When I started going to the gym consistently, I made it a focus of my day and shifted my priorities for it. I made it the reason why I would go to bed early, eat healthier, and generally take better care of myself. Rather than doing everything for my job, I started doing everything for the gym and investing in myself. Beyond the actual workouts, I also found a community of incredible and supportive people that made it even more valuable.
  • What did your workout routines consist of?
In general, strength training and building up my joints. Every workout starts with a thorough warm-up routine of dynamic stretching/mobilizing my joints and some cardio to get the blood moving. Once warm, I do one of the main lifts, squat, deadlift or bench that is programmed into the day's workout. Following that, Nate has me do a lot of accessory lifts to help mobility, conditioning, strength, etc. At the end of the workout I also always do some work to strengthen my core, and of course cardio.
  • Do you think the mindset is an important aspect to have while going through a fitness journey?
Absolutely, if my headspace isn't healthy, or I'm distracted, stressed, tired, burned out, etc. it'll be that much more difficult to build a new routine or stay on the current routine. In recent years mental health has emerged as being a critical factor in someone's general health and should be given as much attention and work as building a body. Maximum effort and a positive attitude.
  • How was the experience for you, walking on stage and being backstage prepping?
Terrifying. However, joining the show, being in the atmosphere of the moment with everyone else, and pushing through that discomfort was incredibly rewarding.
  • What would you say was the best moment during your fitness journey?
Hitting a new personal best on a lift and realizing how far I've come from being completely sedentary, constantly besting myself.

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