Trina Hampton - New YOU Transformation Athlete

Trina is a big believer of having that positive mindset going into your fitness journey. She has personally went through some setbacks but has come back on top and is continuing to improve her health with losing 77lbs to date! Trina was recently in the WNBF 2022 New YOU Transformation class and is a proud free - spirited athlete, always smiling!  I invite you to read her story as told by Trish. 
  • What was your one moment that made you decide to get your life back and transform your body?

        We opened a Strength Studio in 2017 and my Healthy reward was baby 4 at 40.  Covid gave me the opportunity to reset, no classes, no kids activities, only uncertainty.  

I took the opportunity to learn to lift, my husband is a strength Coach and the result was stepping onto my first powerlifting platform in Nov 2020, I stepped onto 3 platforms in 2021 and dropped 25lbs, every training block I restarted so my goal for 2022 was to see what happens if you don't stop.
  • How was the mental aspect of going through the fitness journey and were there times that you just wanted to stop and walk away?

         Mindset was the biggest growth of my transformation journey in 2022, so many obstacles could have knocked me off course, my constant was my food and it most definitely carried me through when my Fight or Flight was wavering. We always look for that missing piece of magic, when it's in you always just waiting to be ignited by you choosing you.

  • How much time did you put into the gym, did you enjoy it? 

       I don't love to train, but I do love what training gives to me in return.  Progress over Perfection pushes me through the toughest reps. Training time was 4-6 days/week.

  • What did your workout routines consist of?

     I was also training for a power meet during my transformation journey so my training combined high rep volume with low volume heavy weighted sets and plyometrics.  It's tough on the mindset to count past 10 when your a powerlifter!!

  • How important was having your family in going through this process?

      Without my families support, I would not have been able to choose me.  Being a small business owner, with online learners and a 4 year old, it was all hands on deck, to give me the opportunity to build consistency.

  •  How was the experience for you, walking on stage and being backstage prepping?

     The experience was priceless, the energy in the room was full of Joy, everyone in the room is celebrating their journey, and everyone is so very kind and encouraging!!  You are celebrating YOU on that stage all you can do is be PROUD and SMILE. 

  •  You are an inspiration to others who are thinking of transforming their body... what is your message to them? 

     FEEL the FEAR and do it anyway, Try NEW Things, Embrace the Journey, Learn as you Grow and have no Expectations, but Progress.  These life lessons will ignite change in YOU.

  • Lastly, what was your best moment during your fitness journey? :) 

     My best moment was igniting believe in myself, we can all do hard things with the right mindset, Fiercely Failing Forward referred to as ƒ-вσмвмσмꨄ


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