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We will like to introduce to you Linda Stepien, our newest Brand Ambassador by way of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Linda is a CPA Bikini Competitor who loves to compete in fitness and knows a thing or two or three about Academic achievements.

As you read her story you will also see the caring side of her.

We are pleased to have Linda represent our brand and we look forward to encouraging Linda through her journey. 


  • When did you start to compete and what was your motivation to begin?

I did my first show in the fall of 2018. I was actually interested in competing before that after seeing a poster for a local bodybuilding show but unfortunately I let other people talk me out of entering the sport. In the summer of 2018 I had lost some weight and I wanted a fitness goal to work toward - something that  can do on my own but possibly make friends too. I also liked the idea of finding a sport that would get me to travel with a purpose. I messaged a woman in town about her experience competing and she guided me through the basics. That's where it all started!

  • What does it take to be a Bikini Competitor?

It takes dedication,discipline, resilience,the ability to accept criticism, the drive to continuously want to improve and the love for all the work that goes into the process of changing your body.

  • What is your favourite exercise and do you have a certain workout routine?

Right now I train delts three times a week, triceps,back and biceps once a week and glutes and hamstrings twice a week.

I feel strong when I do back exercises using the cable machine so I think I enjoy those types of exercises the most.

  • You hold 2 degrees in Education, a B.A. and a M ED; is there a certain comparison between getting your degree and fitness?

I also have a Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Discipline is definitely a character trait needed to achieve any goal whether it's a degree or fitness related.

  • What is it that Linda enjoys doing in your relaxing time?

I love spending time with animals. I love taking care of my two dogs and cat. When I can, I also volunteer at a local animal shelter and spend time with cats and dogs that are waiting to be adopted.

Stage photo credited: Ron Sombilon 

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