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Dan has been through alot, emotionally and mentally. But his love for fitness, notably weightlifting, has given him a more focused perspective on life. His family is and will always be a top priority, and the love that he receives from his family and friends just proves what a great individual Dan really is. Great to see that he is now back to being a fitness trainer, collaborating with Nadine Moxon.  

Enjoy Dan's story! 👍


I started training on and off when I was 14 years old and really found a love for exercise and sports in general, especially soccer and rugby. As life moved along, my family moved from the UK to Canada in 2007 and I found a love of weightlifting while training to prepare myself for entering the Calgary Fire Department training academy. 

I became certified as a personal trainer in 2009 and have worked on and off in this industry since then but it wasn't until I had a tough period of time at work in which I was diagnosed with work related PTSD that I really took ahold of my fitness again. At this point when starting to train consistently again I was in the worst shape of my life. Over the next couple of.years I worked with a coach of my own to regain my fitness and physique. 

In 2021 one of my best friends, colleagues and gym partner took his own life due to his own work related PTSD. In his pursuit of fitness, he continually worked with the Calgary Firefighter's Burn Treatment Society by appearing in the Calgary Firefighter Hotstuff Calendar. After years of turning down the advances of this calendar, I decided to try out for the calendar in the summer of 2022 in honour of Derek. I am proud to be Mr October 2023.

Once I completed this calendar photoshoot I realised I had developed quite a following of other first responders and that I could be an example to those who also suffer. Mental health problems don't have to dictate our lives and I decided to prove that you can overcome obstacles if you are dedicated. And so began my journey into bodybuilding.

I competed in the 2023 World Police & Fire games in Winnipeg MB in July, placing 3rd in the world in men's open bodybuilding.

I had the opportunity to work with Deon and his team at I AM FITNESS while in preparation for these games and am proud to have represented this brand on the world stage.

One of the things I strive for in life is balance. Balance between family, work, and training isn't always easy, especially for a competitive athlete. My wife and 3 daughters are very supportive of my fitness endeavours and were all in attendance in Winnipeg to cheer me on for my first stage appearance.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook  @firstduept and follow the journey, or feel free to reach out with any struggles mental health or fitness related. 



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