Diane Barton - New You Transformation Athlete

Diane is a true believer that age is just a number, she insists that no matter what age you are, if you are even thinking about competing in bodybuilding, go for it! Diane's fitness journey started out back in 2016 after aiding her boyfriend with cancer.  I welcome you to her story.
  • You have a Mantra... Age is just a number... How important is that to you?

My mantra, Age is just a number is very important to me. I believe we cannot let a number define our limits. We may slow down as we age but staying fit and active will reduce the risks of falls, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and diabetes to name a few. Being a Paramedic and at 58 years old I know how important a healthy lifestyle is. 

  • You competed in not only one but two categories. Master's Bodybuilding and the New YOU. And took home first place in both! Was this overwhelming for you?

 Competing in both categories, Women’s Bodybuilding and the New YOU wasn’t overwhelming for me. I have had a dream to compete for a very long time and I believe things happen for a reason and stepping on the stage not once but twice during the WNBF Kelowna show was living out that dream! 

  •    What made you decide to transform your body and lifestyle?

 My why for my body transformation happened after my boyfriend went through chemo and radiation for throat cancer. He wasn’t a smoker and had not consumed alcohol in 30 plus years. He lost a significant amount of weight and the weight he lost I gained. I’ve always been very active but struggled with poor eating habits. And that’s where Krysten Janzen changed my life! 


  • Tell us about your training routine. Did it consist mostly of cardio? How much weight did you lose? 

My training had minimal cardio except for when I was training for the BC Paramedic Ride. I was at the gym 5 days a week training, my workout usually takes around 60 to 90 minutes. I started working with Krysten in 2016 and have lost 60lbs. 

  •  Did you have to adjust your diet tremendously? How much weight have you lost? 

 My diet changed for the better! I learned to count Macros, which are Fat, Carbs and Protein. Krysten provided me with my macro amount and I ate appropriately to hit them. There were times that I wanted to give up but I never wanted to put that 60lbs back on. 

  •  How did you come across the WNBF New YOU Transformation category? 

When I entered the Kelowna WNBF I signed up for the Women’s Open Bodybuilding. One week out Krysten informed me I was the only participant, she suggested I enter the New YOU. I thought why not!! If my journey of losing that much weight and keeping it off for seven years can inspire someone else, I’m in! 

  •  What advice would you give someone who is concerned about competing at a certain age? 

The advice I’d give anyone wanting to compete at any age, GO FOR IT!!


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