Melanie Frier - WNBF New You Transformation Champion.

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I will like to introduce you to Melanie Frier.
Melanie has an upbeat, fun loving personality. Always displaying her infectious smile, she was finally able to cross off an item from her Bucket List. It wasn't all that easy for this one particular item to be crossed off, but her determination kept her going and as she put it.." I Feel Good About me". 
  • What was the purpose of going into the  New you Transformation competition?

     When I turned 50. I decided that I was going to start crossing things off my Bucket List. I was no longer sitting on the sidelines. Competing was on my bucket list and The New You Transformation was the perfect way to do this.

  • What did your workout regiment consist of? How much time did you put in?

    I have an AMAZING trainer! He designs my workouts that I complete when I am not doing one on one training with him. Monday was my 'rest' day as I am not a fan of Mondays on any level - lol. I trained on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays with my trainer. Thursday, Friday and Sunday I worked out on my own. My workouts are an hour in length.

  • How did you adjust to changing your diet? Did you see results right away?

     NOPE! I did not see results right away. If I am being completely honest, I had others mention changes they saw in me before I saw them - then again, we are our own worst critics, right? 

 Adjusting to my change in diet was telling myself this is not a DIET - it is a life style change.

  • Where there moments that you felt that you cannot do this and how did you overcome it?

     ABSOLUTLEY! I had a few training sessions that started with me sitting on the gym floor being vulnerable and open with my trainer. He would listen. Then he would talk and share his own experiences with me then ask me how we are going to move forward. I would take a deep breath and say we are moving forward. One memory that is etched in my heart and mind, is when I was back stage after the competition and my trainer told me that he was proud of me because no matter what obstacles life threw at me over the last few months, I did NOT quit! Trust me, there were times when I wanted to..... I really did.

    To answer the question of how I overcame it, those difficult moments was being real, open and honest with those that I needed to be. I allowed them to carry me when I didn't think I could walk but somewhere I found the strength and faith deep inside myself to not give up on ME!

  • What is your message to someone else who is contemplating of going into this category?

      My message is " when you write the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen".  This is your story. This is your life. Grab a hold of life, throw caution to the wind and DO THIS!

  • How did you feel after winning the WNBF - New YOU Transformation competition?

     I remember them announce the winner and I heard 'Thirty... and honestly thought it was the lady standing next to me then I heard 'four and my name'.... my knees started to shake, I could feel the tears and my mind was screaming - you won! You did it! You won!  but my body was like 'move or your legs are going to give out'. I was jumping up and down on the inside but the outside just wasn't keeping up.

It was an amazing feeling. I am still moving in disbelief that I have won. I look at the pictures taken, smile and remind myself that I did it - I put in the hard work, I showed up, I believed in myself and I did! :)

  • How would you describe your fitness journey? What is next for you?

     The best way to describe my fitness journey would be 'It has been a ride' lol.

The reason why I say that, is I have spent most of my adult life heavy and looking over the fence at other women that I deemed 'thin' and wishing that I could be them.

It was not until I started loving myself from the inside out that I was able to understand that being 'thin' was not what it was about - it is about being happy, healthy and active. I reward myself when I reach goals by getting a new pair of sneakers (this has become a bit of an addiction), time at the spa, a new outfit or an experience (an activity) I have never done). I no longer reward myself with unhealthy food. I have set my next goal but not sure I am ready to share it yet.......


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  • Cynthia on

    Melanie and I found each other on our fitness journey together .after 2 half years we saw each other in person at my 60th bday.
    I’m beyond proud of the discipline and steps she takes daily to achieved towards her goal .
    I know the work it takes to do a fitness contest.
    She deserves to be at the top
    Love Cynthia

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