Celeste Connell

Celeste Connell is a WNBF New YOU Transformation competitor.  A single Mom with 2 kids, she was determined to shed the weight as she lowered her body fat percentage from 45% down to 25% and going from her heaviest at 240lbs down to 170lbs...and lowering. In this story, she explains the ups and downs she went through but determined to be on stage. Please enjoy her inspiring story.
  • What was the purpose for you to enter The New YOU Transformation class?

         I wanted to challenge myself to a personal goal of changing my body composition, becoming stronger in my body and mind. Also to show other single parents that its ok to put yourself first and showing self care.

  • How would you describe your fitness journey into The New YOU Transformation competition?

       My fitness journey has been a journey of self love, growth and understanding my potential. I joined a new gym and worked out at 5am while my kids were asleep and back before they woke up to get them off to school. I hired a personal trainer to write me a workout plan and for accountability. My confidence was low in the gym.

Through him I was able to improve my strength as he paid attention to what I can lift and encouraged me to lift heavier and push myself. I met with a nutritionist and she helped me count my macros and the importance of eating enough protein, I was feeling stronger and seeing progress.

  • Was there any adversity along the way? If so, how did you overcome them?

    Along the way I did stumble, there were times of personal and work stresses, where I would feel overwhelmed and fall into a binge eating pattern for a couple of days. My kids would catch me and tell me how hard I was working and I shouldn't eat the unhealthy food, it's not good for me. I would remember my why, the goal of the show and a healthier me. I would make mini goals, stop eating at least 2 hours before bed, eat salads or a big plate of veggies with supper.

  • Is this competition something that anyone can do?

   Absolutely anyone can do it. You need to find your why, your motivation for wanting to make the change. Then start with mini goals like eating one salad a day, going to bed early, walking for 15 mins a day. Keep adding and increasing your goals.

  • You have 2 kids, Jayden and Avyla, how important was it for you to go through this challenge?

   This challenge was important for me when it came to my kids because they've never seen me working hard for a personal goal with the final result. They saw me commit to this goal, fall off course and work to get back on. I wanted to show them if you keep working for what you want, it may be a rocky journey but don't give up, you can achieve it!

  • Tell us your experience walking on stage, was it what you imagined?    Walking on stage I was so nervous, I was shaking. The lights were bright, eyes were on you and everyone was clapping. It felt exhilarating and relief at the same time. Everyone wanted you to do well. The nerves calmed and it was fun. It was more than I imagined as it felt welcoming and encouraging from the crowd and those on stage with me.
  • What is next for you?

   Next, I'm planning to do a figure or bodybuilding competition. I want to keep pushing myself and reach a new level in my weightlifting journey.

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