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I would like to introduce you to Miranda Agoye. Miranda is a proud Mother and wife who in her earlier years had struggled with weight gain. However, after a steady training plan and shedding 65 pounds, she is more committed to her fitness journey and family life. Miranda explains how she balances family, her career and fitness.
  • What made you get into fitness?

I've been exercising regularly since I was 15. But I only really found my passion for fitness about 7 years ago when my husband (then boyfriend) introduced me to weightlifting. I feel empowered by weightlifting. It has given me a deeper connection with my body, and discovering how physically strong I am has also made me feel more powerful in other areas of my life. My passion for fitness has really become all about appreciating my body for all it can do, and all it has done for me.

  • You are a Mom and a Wife, how do you schedule in your time for training?

It can be tricky to fit training in as a busy mom! Initially in my postpartum fitness journey, I started off small: 30 minute home workouts while my son napped. As he grew into a more regular nap schedule, I was able to start going to the gym while he napped and my husband stayed home. Occasionally I'll do an early morning workout or evening workout if it works better for my husband and my work schedules. I am so grateful that my husband works with me to help facilitate me being able to fit in my training.

  • Tell us about your career in Physiotherapy? Why this particular niche?

 I have always had a deep interest in the human body. Choosing a career in Physiotherapy has allowed me to grow my knowledge and understanding of the human body, and help others to understand their own bodies better. I love getting people out of pain and learn to appreciate movement and exercise! 

I chose to specialize in Pelvic Health because it is a huge passion of mine. Most people have very limited knowledge of their pelvic floor, but it can contribute SO significantly to pain (especially back, pelvic and hip pain) not to mention significantly impacting sexual, urinary and bladder function. Having better control of your pelvic floor and deep inner core can be an absolute game changer for strength training and fitness too!

  • What is your favorite gym exercise?

My favorite gym exercise is a squat. Squats are such a "functional" movement, and I love working to improve my technique and get stronger.

  • Advice that you would give to a mother who is looking to get into fitness?

 For moms looking to get into fitness, my first piece of advice would be to get your mindset right. I think it is SO important to be motivated by a non - appearance based goal. Determine a meaningful goal or motivation for your fitness journey, and don't waver from it!

Remember to enjoy the journey, and not just be obsessed with the final outcome. I'd also say to invest in yourself and hire a knowledgeable trainer. It makes a huge difference to have the guidance and support of a professional. Trying to do it all alone really does make the journey much harder.


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