Monique Stewart - New YOU Transformation competitor.

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I would like to introduce you to Monique Stewart.
Monique is a fun, loving mother who always brings out a smile in you with her upbeat persona.
Monique is a self taught fitness enthusiasts who competed in her first show with the WNBF - The New YOU Transformation category. 
Monique went from 184lbs to 164lbs and losing 19% body fat wherein she is now down to 18% body fat.
She compliments the Transformation category as being a Segway into competing in Bikini or Figure competitions. 
Please enjoy her story below.
  • What was the deciding factor that made you enter the New You Transformation category?

 The deciding factor was a promise I made to myself about my bucket list - to compete in a bodybuilding show. The New You Transformation was a motivational goal to work towards.

  • How was the fitness journey for you? Were there any bumps on the road, so to speak?

 My fitness journey had ups and downs, strong learning curves, researching nutrition and workout plans and experimenting to work around previous injuries. I also had to deal with an IT band injury that was really bad about 8 weeks out. But I kept on going and worked around it!

  • How important was family in going through the transformation process?

 My son was very supportive and encouraging, very helpful, especially on days when you're tired.

  • What was the preparation like in getting ready for competition?

 It was fun, scary, exhilarating, a little intimidating, and exciting! 

  • How did the transformation affect your mental/emotional state?

I am a happier and more confident person for doing it.

  • What would you say to someone who is not that confident in entering a fitness competition?

 Do it anyway, be brave, you will gain confidence along the way.

  • What is next for you?

 My next journey is to lose 20% body fat with the guidance of a professional fat loss diet plan. After that, training for a figure competition.

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