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Roy is one of those hardcore beasts at the gym wherein if they could, they would sleep at the gym. He has such a passion for weightlifting and improving himself that at the moment he is training for a IFBB Pro Card, but at the same time, he wants to motivate and help anywhere he can in inspiring others, and the way he is doing this is by documenting his daily workout AND meal sessions by posting them through his Instagram handle @trufitnorth. 

  • What made you get into weightlifting and how long has it been?

        Its actually been a long time lol. I started when I was 12. When I made the Bantom football team. I wanted to get stronger and in better shape to play.

  • How do you manage your gym time from your occupation?

        I am a different breed when it comes to fitness. The reason I say that is my training is the center of my life. YES I need to work, but I will train before or after work. Morning or night doesn't matter. So normally because I work nights, I train about 2 hours after I wake up. But there are plenty of times I will head straight to the gym and train after work.

  • What do you enjoy most on your weightlifting days off, do you have any hobbies?

        Lol, again I am a different breed. I actually hate taking rest days from training. I do take them but I definitely don't like it lol. So my rest days are often my food prep days.

  • You have a competition coming up with the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) - Legends Cup (October 1st, 2022)... How do you feel going into it here soon?   

      I am excited and very nervous! It's been my dream and goal since I was 19 to become a Pro competitive bodybuilder. And now 28 years later I am trying to make it a reality.

  • How much time do you put in at the gym per workout session, is cardio a major factor?

        Off season is different than contest prep. I train anywhere between one hour to two hours in the off season depending on my plan. I have to admit that in the off season I don't do as much cardio as I should. But that being said, I normally train extremely intense at levels where my heart rate is elevated at a high cardiovascular level. 

       In contest prep, I train two and a half to three hours a day easily. My training is about one hour, the rest is cardio.

  • What does your Bulking Diet consist of and how many times a day are you eating?

        Oh Boy! Lol. Well, I eat anywhere between five to eight meals a day. Each meal normally consists of 5.5 to 6oz of a protein, 250g to 450g of carbs and 100g to 150g of vegetables. I will also have some fruits and healthy fats. Often one or two of my meals will be a shake with oats.

        It's all about getting your food in and things your body can process easily.

  • I noticed that you post a lot of your workout sessions on your Instagram handle @trufitnorth, is that by design?

       Actually yes, the reason for that is I hope to help and inspire others. That no matter your age or fitness level, you can achieve your goals and dreams.

  • What is next for you? Are there any more shows for you in the future?

        Yes! I am doing the Nationals the following week - Supplement King. The goal is to win and secure my IFBB Pro Card at that show.

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